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by Aronious

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A ground level panorama of this world Clear vision enabled by a synthetic lens Hindsight achieved through a sequence of occurrence Reflect, revise, rectify consciousness from an outside perspective There seems to be a mutual void of reasoning Brains programmed for seeking pleasure and thus avoiding pain Spontaneous human nature All bodily systems requiring no concentration or thought and yet functioning flawlessly in unison The rhythms of life enabling the monotony of a routine A fraction of proper comprehensive capacity Endlessly in pursuit of prosperity Incapable of reaching full potential Constrained to merely a fraction of proper comprehensive capacity There seems to be a mutual void of reasoning Brains programmed for seeking pleasure and thus avoiding pain Spontaneous human nature The oddities of a continual, conventional existence
When examined, the logistics of this universe often come off to be quite surreal Interactions of matter and energy on an unimaginable level The mass majority shall remain oblivious to a plethora of elaborate symmetry on both an atomic and astronomical scale With such a vague percipience for reality, one can be overwhelmed by the immensity of the physics bestowed upon us To contemplate the sum of conjunction is to be unable to fathom the laws of infinity All intrinsic presence compelled by a single force in this macrocosm of simultaneity Time The creator of life The quintessential God Our utopia is this very moment Time The destroyer of all formed matter Ever accelerating the bringing of death Inalterable Inconceivable And yet relative to everything in this physical realm Perpetually parallel to all in known existence Enigmatic is this urge to overanalyze and rationalize the visible spectrum surrounding oneself
A tremendously gradual development has transpired for countless eons Eliciting us from merely single cell organisms into the semi-sentient beings we are today Deriving however, from an obscure source Subsistence achieved through an intuitive impulse to thrive in any environment An impeccable understanding and use of available resource Instinctively driven toward one purpose, that of reproduction Ancestral D.N.A. passed down through generations Each one exceeding the last Species' rendered obsolete Consistent adaptation essential to be propelled forth as a superior of natural selection An everlasting transformation
A new form of evolution has ensued One which will forever separate our kind from the genus of Homo Laying the foundation of modern man The initiation of a sociological expansion A transmutation accelerated due to intra-special interaction Trading information, progressing forward through the corridor of ideology Human intellect A conceptual imagination collaboration Through the mutual exchange of ideas, a society has been born
An assembled reality Manufactured by the ones dwelling within its reach Unable to see what lies beyond Placing labels upon all that is encountered Categorizing everything within the vicinity Fictitious moral integrities created within our own image Adherence to a code of personal preference An assembled reality Fabricated by the ones dwelling within its reach Deciphering between right and wrong In search not of veracity rather ones own desire Vindication of the self Thriving on an altered landscape Claimed and forged by way of blood Built according to design Misconstrued and imaginary This sense of actuality clearly was devised
The populace has long since been overshadowed by the force of the elite The directors of a system designed for the purpose of obtaining more for themselves while providing less for the commonalty Abstracted servitude An immense effort has been invested into keeping the public in a state of ignorance Classified information shrouded in confusion A blatant supremacy concealed in secrecy Confined unknowingly in a web of deceit A smorgasbord of toxic nourishment has been provided by immensely mechanized industries Economically persuaded toward a chemically based diet of diluted poison Disintegration of common intelligence The result of centuries of systematic oppression A mere fraction of the population will remain autocratic and driven by unrelenting greed
Converging into an orderly fashion toward misguided endeavors of indulgence and self preservation Completely oblivious to how incredibly fragile the human anatomy actually is Self induced affliction A hedonistic tendency to contaminate cognizance Absentmindedly polluting that which sustains proper human functionality Entrustment of synthetic remedies that often cause more harm than gain A reinforced capitalism due to the ever expanding massive demand for toxic commodities A cure for your ailments Despicable false notions of normality in which showing more concern toward one's appearance than their own health is acceptable A mentality revolved around one's self image and petty insecurities
Captivation of new found technology Utterly hypnotized by tiny dots of light An electronic revolution that nourishes states of lethargic, materialistic, dependency
A Grim Fate 05:18
An undesirable conclusion to an ever-increasingly difficult process Inevitable There is no escape Perhaps one of life’s only true certainties Its eventual, ominous, cessation A countless measure of conscious individuals living in absolute fear Unable to accept their mortality Most seek solace in ancient scriptures and religious apparitions Others question whether or not they ever even existed in the first place Nearly all of which will cling to every last moment of life without reason Contrary to popular belief, the events following death are impossible to know Assuming there are any at all Nonetheless, all shall see in due time
Inconclusive 06:03
The age of man Hundreds upon thousands of years worth of astounding accomplishments and remarkable achievements tarnished by its primal deficiencies and nefarious aspects Greed, lust, war, debauchery, complacency, and tyranny seemingly etched in our D.N.A. Perhaps we were engineered this way Existence itself a spontaneous design Continuity merely a means to an end A diluted perspective A lack of true understanding For reasons unknown, a sensation known as life has commenced and been bestowed upon a tiny speck of Earth floating in a cosmic sea of light Futile, infinite, meaningless, and unbounded by the laws of physics The pursuit of knowledge has raised more questions than answers for the universe The meaning of life forever eluding our grasp Its purpose appearing to be null It matters not


released March 13, 2020

Zach Earley: Vocals & Lyrical Composition
Ryan Brumlic: Lead Guitar & Main Composition
Nick Weyers: Guitar & Bass Tracking/Additional Composition
Sean Smith: Drums/Additional Composition & Backing Vocals
Evan Neiman: Bass & Backing Vocals

Mixed and Mastered by Mark Lewis at MRL Studios
Recorded by Nick Weyers
Album Cover Art: Samuel Nelson
Booklet Art and design: Alex Eckman-Lawn


all rights reserved



Aronious Green Bay, Wisconsin

Aronious recently released their debut concept album ‘Perspicacity’ on 3/13/20 and are currently working on two new albums to be released soon. We feel that each of these two albums further expands on our sound and treads some new waters not yet explored by the band. We can’t wait to share more tunes with you all! Drink hamms!

Aronious is
Ryan Brumlic
Nick Weyers
Jason Bouwer
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